About Achievement of ArmsTM

Achievement of ArmsTM takes up where Heraldry PrimerTM leaves off. With Achievement of ArmsTM you can design not only shields of arms but displays composed of shields, helms, mantlings, wreaths, crests, supporters, compartments, and mottos. Choose from 16 pregenerated shields or import your own designs from the included Shield BankTM stack (part of Heraldry PrimerTM. Also includes 3 helms, 4 styles of mantling, 3 different supporters, 3 compartments, and 4 standard mottos (plus the ability to write your own).

You can use the Achievement BankTM stack to save and print out the achievements you design.

Achievement of ArmsTMincludes Heraldry PrimerTM v1.1.1, so there is no need to download Heraldry PrimerTM separately.

Achievement of ArmsTM is shareware ($10 U.S./$5 for registered users of Heraldry Primer[tm]). Runs in black and white on a 14-inch screen or larger. Requires HyperCard® 2.3 or player and a Macintosh.

NOTE: Achievement of ArmsTM does not run properly under HyperCard® 2.4.1. Use an earlier version of HyperCard® or the HyperCard® Player for best performance.

Download Achievement of ArmsTM now.

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